True Planet

As we respond to a changing climate, how humanity will cope and thrive in this uncertain future has never been more important. This autumn, discover Oxford’s global research on climate, energy, food, water, waste and biodiversity.

Oxford research for a changing world

The world around us is changing, and Oxford researchers are at the forefront of trying to understand better the reasons for global temperature and sea level increases, extreme weather events, plastic waste proliferation and threats to biodiversity.

Our researchers are working with partners in industry, government, the third sector and at other universities to address these challenges and to propose innovative approaches and solutions.

From water to weather, fuel to food; from how we power our homes to how we protect the landscape around us, Oxford’s cross-disciplinary research approach is helping to better understand the complexities and interactions of human activity and the sustainability of our environment.

Take part in the discussion, make informed decisions, collaborate on the next big breakthrough – and discover how Oxford research is making a positive impact on our changing world.

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