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Dr Ben Caldecott’s aim is to try and align finance and the financial system with environmental sustainability. He says that his team "undertakes research to understand the barriers to progress and the opportunities that exist for change."

Some of the questions his research tries to answer include: 

How can we ensure that the huge capital investments required to deliver the Paris Agreement and the UN SDGs happen and happen quickly and efficiently? 

How do we ensure that climate change-related risks are properly integrated and managed by financial institutions and their regulators?

How should investors in companies, from the largest sovereign wealth funds to the smallest millennial retail saver, use their influence to make companies and sectors of the global economy much more sustainable? 

His teams develop new ideas, methodologies, and datasets that can change things in practice. They work closely with financial institutions, regulators, policymakers and civil society to do this successfully and then train the next generation of leaders in sustainable finance through a variety of courses. 

Ben Caldecott