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Dr Sandra Wachter is a lawyer and research fellow (Associate Professor) in data ethics, AI, robotics and internet regulation/cyber-security at the Oxford Internet Institute.

Areas of interest

European technology and data protection law, focusing on the legal and ethical implications of big data, AI and robotics, as well as governmental surveillance, predictive policing, and human rights online.

What makes Oxford such a good place to work in AI?

Many of the problems that we encounter with AI are not just technical problems. AI has legal, economic, ethical and political implications. The University attracts such a diverse scholarship and offers an incredibly rich and diverse research environment that fosters creative ideas to tackle these challenging problems associated with AI.

What is the biggest opportunity or challenge in AI?

We know that AI can be used for the public good. Health, transport or climate change are just a few areas that can tremendously benefit from this technology. At the same time, AI is opaque, hard to understand and scrutinise, which offers grounds for discrimination, especially if AI is used to make important decisions about us, such as deciding if we get hired, if we are eligible for loans, or get admitted to schools or university. Accountable AI has to be at the top of our research and political agenda. We need to find reasonable policy solutions that allow us to harness the full potential of AI for society while mitigating risks such as bias and discrimination. This will be the next big challenge. 

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