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Dr Robin Thompson is a Junior Research Fellow at Christ Church, based in the Mathematical Institute. He develops mathematical models of infectious disease outbreaks, parameterises the models using statistical inference techniques and uses model simulations and analysis to inform interventions. He has been working on Covid-19 since he first became aware of the outbreak in early January 2020, when he was on a research visit to Japan.

What is your main area(s) of interest/expertise?

Stochastic and deterministic models of infectious disease outbreaks, parameter inference, control interventions

What are you working on right now?

This week, I am co-organising a workshop at the Isaac Newton Institute about mathematical models of Covid-19 exit strategies. I am also involved in an initiative to provide reviews of Covid-19 modelling analyses to government advisory groups (SPI-M and SAGE).

Why is Oxford a good place to work in this field of research?

Oxford is the ideal place to work in mathematical epidemiology because of the expertise in mathematical modelling and infectious diseases across different departments (including Maths, Zoology, the Big Data Institute and others!) The college system provides valuable opportunities to interact with individuals in different departments.

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