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Director of the Oxford Martin Programme on Global Development and founder of the open science publication Our World in Data.

What is your main area(s) of interest/expertise?:

Together with my team I study the history and future of living conditions around the world. My research focuses on large global problems and in the past years I have published work on poverty, global health, infectious diseases, humanity’s impact on the environment, and inequality.

In 2011 I founded, an open-access and open source online publication that presents the data and research necessary to make progress against these.

What are you working on right now?:

We are focusing all our efforts on providing global, reliable and open data and research to build an infrastructure that allows research colleagues – and everyone who is interested – to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading, what impact the pandemic has, and whether the counter measures countries are taking are successful or not. 

Our work can be found at

Why is Oxford a good place to work in this field of research?
Because we can collaborate closely with leading experts in many relevant fields. We would not have been able to do what we now do every day without the collaborations with colleagues at the University that were set up very rapidly through the University network in the early days of the pandemic.

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