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Dr Lisa Schipper is Environmental Social Science Research Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute.

She is currently Co-ordinating Lead Author of Chapter 18 of the Working Group 2 contribution to the Sixth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (‘Climate Resilient Development Pathways’). 

Dr Schipper's research focuses on what helps people in developing countries adapt to climate change. She's interested in what makes people vulnerable to climate change - particularly socio-cultural factors such as gender, culture, and religion.

Her recent work has shown that a lack of understanding of the causes of vulnerability to climate change is compromising the effectiveness of adaptation strategies; and that these strategies can end up making people more, not less vulnerable. She has also explored the challenges of connecting adaptation and development.

Lisa says: "In order to achieve climate resilient development, funding agencies, development actors and climate policy makers need to engage more with what drives vulnerability to climate change."

She has lived and worked in Central and South America, East and West Africa and South and Southeast Asia.

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