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Lisa-Maria Neudert is a DPhil candidate and research assistant at the Project on Computational Propaganda, Oxford Internet Institute.

Areas of interest

The influence of algorithms, artificial intelligence and social media on political discourse and democracy.

What makes Oxford such a good place to work in AI?

Some of the most exciting research on AI is currently locked away behind closed doors in private companies, disposing of better data and more resources. However, frequently this research is market, product and profit-driven, which university research can complement. Oxford combines cutting-edge technological capabilities with critical thinking about the implications that AI innovations will have for society as a whole. 

What is the biggest opportunity or challenge in AI?

Like all technology, AI is neither good nor bad, nor is it neutral, but the inclusivity of development processes, and the quality and diversity of datasets for machine learning, will have a tremendous impact on adoption and use in the medium term. 

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Lisa-Maria Neudert
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