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Katherine is a Senior Postdoctoral Researcher in the Energy and Power Group at the Engineering Department and a Fellow of the Oxford Martin Programme on Integrating Renewable Energy.

Katherine is interested in addressing the cross-disciplinary challenges associated with transitioning towards net-zero and the technical advances that will make this possible as well as offering a viable business case. Because of this, much of her research has partnered with industry and local authorities. She has expertise in electric vehicle integration (including vehicle-to-grid) both within the UK and Sub-Saharan Africa, and has spent time researching a breadth of clean generation sources, such as wind power, nuclear fusion and solar. To understand net-zero systems more completely, Katherine has also spent time exploring the role of nature-based greenhouse gas removal, sustainable carbon feedstocks for products, alternative proteins for consumption, and green hydrogen production.

Why is Oxford a good place to work in research related to environmental challenges?

The research at Oxford spans a wide range of emissions related challenges. You are never far from a leading expert on a particular topic. Because of some key hubs and groups, there is interdisciplinary collaboration which should continue to grow over the coming years to tackle some of societies greatest environmental challenges.

What is the biggest environmental challenge facing the planet right now?

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges the plant faces. It has knock-on effects beyond warmer temperatures; ecosystems, the oceans, crop growth, societal health and human displacement will all be affected by climate change.

Despite the challenges, are you optimistic about our future?  

By taking action now, society gives itself the best chance of avoiding the worst impacts from climate change. Significant changes are needed, but, if developments backed by policy and regulation enable favourable business models, this will be possible.

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