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Ian Poulton is the research nurse manager at the Jenner Institute, leading a team of nurses and support staff, working on delivery of the clinical vaccine trials.

What is you main area of interest/expertise?

I started my nursing career in the Princess Mary’s Royal Air Force Nursing Service, where I served for 12 years before joining the NHS at the Oxford infectious diseases unit (John Warin Ward).

As part of my role in the NHS I worked with patients affected by malaria, TB and HIV and other infectious diseases. In 2002 I moved in to clinical research with the then “Hill group” to work with the malaria and TB vaccine trials. Over the years and with the development of the Jenner Institute I have worked across many more themes of vaccine research. My focus has always been the recruitment and welfare of people who volunteer to participate in the trials, and the data they provide.

What are you working on right now?

Currently, I am working with the COVID-19 vaccine trial, working closely with project managers and investigators.

Why is Oxford a good place to work in this field of research?

Oxford is a world-renowned centre for excellence in the field of vaccine research with constant new and exciting developments from the design, development to first-in-human trials.

Ian Poulton