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Dr Emily Flashman is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Chemistry where she leads a team investigating how cells sense and respond to cellular stress, predominantly in plants. She has a particular interest in how plants respond to hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and redox stress, including the role of oxygen-sensing enzymes.

Her focus is on understanding how plants respond at the molecular level to being flooded, and attempting to manipulate these responses to help plants survive prolonged submergence. Her research contributes to solutions to sustain food security by making plants more tolerant of flooding, which is a major cause of crop damage across the globe.

Why is Oxford a good place to work in research related to environmental challenges?

There’s such a diversity of world-leading expertise in Oxford that it’s always possible to find someone to discuss how your own research connects with other environmental challenges. This ensures you can maintain a broad understanding of the context of your research even if your own focus is rather narrow.

What is the biggest environmental challenge facing the planet right now?

Global warming and climate change: if we don’t rein that in then all other environmental challenges are compounded.

Despite the challenges, are you optimistic about our future?  

More so with recent political rhetoric, but this must be backed up with policy and action.

Emily Flashman
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