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Charlotte K. Williams is a professor of Inorganic Chemistry and Associate Head of Department (Research) in Oxford Chemistry. She is an EPSRC Established Career Research Fellow and member of the Strategic Advisory Team in Manufacturing the Future.

She heads-up a research group investigating carbon dioxide utilization, polymerization catalysis and polymer chemistry with a particular focus on improving polymer sustainability.

She develops highly active catalysts that transform abundant renewable resources and wastes into polymers. These catalysts enable natural bio-chemicals and carbon dioxide to replace petrochemicals in scalable materials production.By combining expertise in catalysis and polymer chemistry the goal is to deliver materials with better properties than today’s petrochemicals and which are designed for endlife recycling and (bio)degradation.

Prof Williams is the co-ordinator of The Oxford Martin School Future of plastics Programme. This is a four-year programme which started in October 2019 and is aimed at providing key research to underpin a transition to a new, sustainable plastics economy, with greater circularity, more recycling, higher proportions of plastics produced from bio-feedstocks and greater degradability as appropriate. Developing interventions to change technology, law, social policy, human behaviour and economics, as well as the prototyping of patented materials and products, will be essential to achieving this. The research is aimed at moving towards a future that limits environmental harm without losing the many benefits that plastics provide.

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