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April Burt NERC DTP Environmental Researcher based in Plant Science department.

Managing tropical island ecosystems to optimise resilience to climate related threats.

Why is Oxford a good place to work in research related to environmental challenges?

If Oxford can’t tackle these major issues then who can, we are privileged to have incredible resources at our fingertips and incredible minds working for our planet.

What is the biggest environmental challenge facing the planet right now?

Destruction of habitat that supports biodiversity and ecosystem function is fundamentally the reason why our planet is in trouble, we have been pouring carbon dioxide into the atmosphere whilst systematically destroying the earth’s natural coping mechanisms….so stupidity is probably the biggest challenge our planet faces right now.

Despite the challenges, are you optimistic about our future?  

Yes, I think the solutions are being created all around the world, not just in Oxford, but it will take strong leadership capacity to put planetary health before economic growth.

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