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Dr Alison Smith is a Senior Research Associate at the Environmental Change Institute. She believes nature provides a host of free services that do not have a market value.

"Think of trees; they store carbon, filter out air pollution and soak up floodwater, while visiting green spaces like parks and woodlands improves our health and wellbeing. 

Think of green roofs on buildings; they can keep them cool in summer and warm in winter, and if planted with native flowers they can provide great habitat for pollinators such as bees. 

These ‘nature-based solutions’ will be increasingly important in the future as we seek to stem the damages to biodiversity, caused by habitat loss and over-consumption of resources."

By developing simple and practical ways of assessing the value of nature, Alison Smith seeks to demonstrate the importance of looking after our ‘natural capital’ in the same way as we value financial capital. 

Alison Smith