Discover #OxfordAI brochure now available

Discover #OxfordAI brochure now available
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Ask our academics why Oxford is at the forefront of AI research and they’ll invariably say one of two things: opportunity for collaboration, and diversity of thought.

Not only do our researchers come from all over the world and from a variety of backgrounds, they’re also working across the full spectrum of the transformative field we call artificial intelligence.

And amid the undoubted hype, these technologies genuinely will be transformative.

In this publication you’ll read about how AI and machine learning techniques are allowing clinicians to diagnose more accurately conditions such as heart disease; how the banking and finance sectors are being revolutionised by algorithms; how we’re moving towards a world in which vehicles are able to drive themselves.

You’ll also read about the fundamental scientific research underpinning these world-changing applications – research carried out by mathematicians, statisticians, computer scientists and information engineers.

Finally, you’ll hear the views of key voices in the ethical, social and legal debates that inevitably arise alongside rapid technological
advancement. How do we know the algorithms making decisions about our lives aren’t biased? What is the likely impact of automation on jobs? Will we ever see the day when machines can truly think like humans?

And this selection only scratches the surface of Oxford’s work in these areas.

Working across disciplines, together with industry and government, with funders, third sector partners and colleagues at other universities, Oxford’s world-leading researchers are perfectly placed to tackle the challenges and exploit the opportunities of the AI revolution.

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Chas Bountra
Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Innovation), and Professor of Translational Medicine, Nuffield Department of Medicine 

 Discover #OxfordAI brochure Discover #OxfordAI brochure

Discover #OxfordAI brochure

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