We’re proud that our research helps the lives of millions, with some of the most talented people from across the globe solving real-world problems through a huge network of partnerships and collaborations. Discover Oxford’s work in artificial intelligence.

The University of Oxford is one of the world’s leading centres for research and development in artificial intelligence. 

Fundamental AI research is carried out across a number of departments, including computer science, engineering, mathematics, statistics and the Oxford Internet Institute. 

Research on the applications of AI occurs throughout the University, from medicine to the social sciences and humanities, where AI technologies are providing new ways to gather, process and analyse data.

There has been rapid development in AI, particularly the subfield of AI known as machine learning, and in machine vision, with Oxford researchers at the forefront of this revolution. Fundamental scientific breakthroughs are at the core of this progression. 

The security of AI-based approaches and the ethical considerations of the technologies are also of widespread interest and Oxford academics are playing a leading role in advising industry and senior government officials, and in debating topics with the wider public. 

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