This weekend many of the University's departments, colleges, museums and other buildings are opening up their doors to the public.

Oxford Open Doors is organised by Oxford Preservation Trust in partnership with the University, and this year's theme is 'chapels, choirs and music'.

The full timetable of events is here.

Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor of the University, said: 'I very much look forward to the 2016 Open Doors. We have a wonderful opportunity to welcome such a great number of people to the spaces old and new, that are often hidden from view. I know that I will find it a fascinating weekend, and I hope that others will too.'

Debbie Dance, Director of the Oxford Preservation Trust, said: 'It is a privilege to live in this great City and we love arranging the Oxford Open Doors weekend so that we can all share in it. This year’s theme of ‘Chapels, choirs and music’ will engage sight, sound and a party atmosphere, so thanks to everyone who help make it happen and enjoy the weekend.'

One of the highlights of the weekend will be the University's first ever 'Community Fair'.

Taking place in the Weston Library from 1pm to 4pm on Saturday, the community fair will showcase the range of ways people can benefit from the University. These include free lectures and concerts throughout the year, the opportunity to take part in scientific activities like rooftop stargazing sessions and medical trials, and green spaces like Wytham Woods and the University Parks.

On the day, visitors can find out how to sign up for the Department of Continuing Education’s courses, make the most of the family-friendly events hosted by the city’s world class museums and become a permit holder of Wytham Woods.